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We can call it the elevator pitch.

Just ten points:

1. So far, three nations are facing Crimes Against Humanity lawsuits for participating in this Scamdemic: UK, Norway & Israel.

2. The flawed PCR tests prompted a massive class action lawsuit that will make the first Nuremberg look like a slap on the wrist. That's without even taking into account that therapeutics and prophylactics for coronaviruses, such as Hydroxychloroquine, had been approved in WHO, CDC and NIH websites.

3. There is evidence the mRNA injection is a gene therapeutic, not a vaccine, that signals cells to produce the pathogen in the form of the Spike Protein, which is known to accumulate in organs and destroy them over time. It can also mutate one's DNA by reverse transcription.

4. The nasal swabs that are soaked in Ethelyn Oxide, a carcinogenic and DNA-altering toxin, are made in China, and are being purchased by Governors.

5. The CDC created the death scare with its March 24, 2020 directive to classify all deaths as Covid19, on the mere assumption - without any testing - the patients had been infected.

6. Several simulations of a pandemic were held prior to 2020. Some showed the pandemic originating in Wuhan. Event 201 was held in October 2019 to finalize the launch of the scamdemic.

7. The Clinical Trial documentation of Moderna and Pfizer stipulate that pregnant and nursing women are to be excluded from the clinical trials that are slated to end in 2022 for Moderna and 2023 for Pfizer. Yet, the "vaccines" are deemed safe for these women by all 50 states.

8. The WHO, in 2018, under the benevolent direction of Bill Gates, enacted a "Decade of Vaccines" to start in 2020, with the collaboration of Microsoft, Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Pinterest.

9. Proven therapeutics, such as Hydroxychloroquine, were suddenly prohibited in 2020 in order to create the necessary Emergency Use Authorization precondition for the experimental mRNA jabs, even with the full knowledge that animal studies had been halted on account of animals dying.

10. The Covid19 survival rate for children ages 0 to 19 is 99.998%.

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